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Important Aftercare Instructions - these must be followed for 5 days after treatment



Following this aftercare advice will prolong the effects of your permanent makeup, help avoid infection and allow your skin time to recover. 


Please be aware that your makeup will appear darker and more intense for up to 5/7 days after treatment.


Sometimes small scabs will appear on the area/s treated - DO NOT touch or be tempted to pick at these as you will be removing pigment.


During the post-treatment period please avoid the following for at least 5 days



  • Touching the treated area/s.


  • Any abrasive products, such as rough towels.


  • Facial treatments such as eyelash tinting/perming/plucking


  • Lip waxing or bleaching (this applies only to lip treatments)


  • Hot baths, sauna, steam or any other heat treatment (this can draw the pigment out of the skin)


  • Using creams, soaps, cleansers on the treated area/s


  • Sunbeds, sunbathing or swimming (for 2 weeks)


  • Spicy foods - Spicy food causes pores to break and your skin to sweat (avoid for 24 hours)

Debbie Catling (Permanent makeup specialist) - 07535877659



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